Most people don’t consider the infrastructure when they take a trip. Our life’s work is to design, create, and build “the way” that will take people on their daily journeys and their lifetime travels. From roads to bridges, trails to rails, runways to taxiways, Journey Engineering is about creating the paths that allow communities to connect and grow.

Our services include planning, programming, management, design, and inspection.

We deliver innovative, affordable, low maintenance project solutions that maximize your return on investment. Our goal is to fully understand your needs and execute your vision with a high level of customer service.

Our Engineers are licensed in seven states and are expert at designing, managing, and inspecting projects for bridges, roads, trails, airfields, retaining walls, and major site civil components.

Journey Engineering sees and understands your project early in the process.  We work with our clients to establish guiding principles and project goals. And we drive to the finish line early and under budget with a great emphasis on quality in the constructed product.